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At the present time, Amy primarily writes books, however she is open to working on a variety of projects. Amy's interests and subject matter expertise for books and other publications include environmental issues, health and medical subjects, travel, parenting, history, and paranormal subjects. 

Amy's writing has been described as concise but informative, intelligent, heartfelt, and thought provoking. She has the unique ability of taking complex subjects and making them easy for readers to understand. 

Amy's writing fees vary by the project. Feel free to contact Amy at if you have a book or other writing project that requires the skills of a seasoned writer.  

Amy's Published Books

ADHD book middle school educational textbook Amy Farrar

ADHD: A book about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder directed at middle school students (Lerner Publishing, 2010). The book includes interviews with a wide range of people who have ADHD ranging in age from eleven to seventy years old as well as information on medications and other therapies people find useful.

Global warming climate change middle school educational textbook Amy Farrar

Global Warming: A book about global warming directed at middle school students (Abdo Publishing, 2007).

Freelance writing write freelancer Amy Farrar

The Indispensable Field Guide to Freelance Writing: A field guide on how to break into the freelance writing field (, 2009)

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