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Editorial Services

Amy offers proofreading, copyediting, substantive editing, and rewriting services, for individuals and publishing companies. Although Amy offers and provides these services individually, the majority of the book projects Amy edits require a combination of proofreading, copyediting, substantive editing, and editorial consultation. The following defines these services: 

Basic proofreading: Checking for minor errors like typos and spelling errors. 

Copyediting: Editing for grammar, style, and usage. 

Substantive Editing: Identifying holes and errors in content, rearranging content for better flow and organization, fact checking, and advising on character development and plot.

Editorial Consultation: Providing advice on how to better improve the overall project and offering continuing advice and help following completion of the editorial process.

At the present time Amy is primarily editing books. She works on a wide range of nonfiction and fiction genres. 

Editorial Process

Books projects editor editing

Every book project is different. Over the years Amy has found that the large majority of book projects require a combination of editorial services. 

If you are interested in hiring Amy for her editorial services, e-mail part or all of your manuscript or project to her at Amy can provide you with a quote on what kind of work your book or project will require and how much time it will take to edit. Amy charges an hourly rate for editorial work. She sends authors a general contract that states what she will do for them in exchange for the editorial services she will be providing them, along with an estimate.

Examples of books Amy has edited (noninclusive)

Spiritual Evolution in the New Age: 2012 Change Has Begun, by Jay W. Hill and Michelle Kraus


A channeled book on how people can survive a new era in planetary and human spiritual evolution.

In The Company of Wolves: Thinning the Herd (Volume 1), by James Michael Larranaga

Murder mystery Lake Minnetonka Native American James Michael Larranaga

A fiction murder mystery with mystical overtones that takes place in the Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota area. 

Blood Orange Soda, by James Michael Larranaga

Teen vampire fiction novel James Michael Larranaga

A teen fiction vampire novel. gave this book its highest editorial rating. A finalist in the YA category of the IndieFab book awards.

Widow Woman, by Julia Tagliere

Woman finds out about mother's secret life after she passes away grief self discovery Julia Tagliere

A fiction novel about a woman who in grieving about her mother finds out her mother had a secret life.

The Second Holocaust - How the AIDS Epidemic Was Created in a CIA Black Operation, by Michael Meiers

Historical account of alleged link between CIA, AIDS, and Jonestown conspiracy theory Michael Meiers

An intriguing historical account of how a renegade faction of the CIA allegedly tested and implemented the AIDS virus and assassinated a U.S. congressman who was trying to stop them.

The Gifted (The Gifted Series, Book 1), by Elizabeth C. Bauer

Post apocalyptic YA fiction gifted teens Elizabeth C. Bauer


In this post-apocalyptic YA fiction novel, people with extraordinary abilities—the “gifted” live lives of privilege while those without gifts live as slaves on the wrong side of a very literal wall. Fifteen-year-old Alexa Gander has a gift that could change everything, but it comes with the burden of enormous responsibility that no teenager should have to carry.

Container Gardening Complete: Creative Projects For Growing Vegetables and Flowers in Small Spaces, by Jessica Walliser (Cool Springs Press)


 A great resource for anyone wanting to grow their garden in a small space!

The Toddler Survival Guide, by Mike and Heather Spohr (Voyageur Press)


An indispensable (but humorous) field guide to surviving the daunting daily struggles of life as the parent of a toddler, who may be shambling along behind you like a zombie ...


Professional Editors Network (PEN)

Amy has been a member of the Professional Editors Network ( since  1997. She has worked for the group as a newsletter copy editor, writer, speaker, and mentor.